How To Make Hammered Wire Jewellery

This is the ultimate ‘Whammer Hammer’ book!

Each chapter has a range of projects that cover a distinct technique to de-mistify and create understanding as to why you would need, or want to hammer wire! The first chapter embraces flattening and spreading, to work harden and temper wire. The second, concentrates on shaping and forming. The third, on scrunching and massing up wires to compact and compress together and the fourth, and final chapter, brings together all these hammering techniques in a range of eclectic projects to suit all tastes and styles.

Hopefully, acquiring these hammering and jewellery making skills will lead you to produce your own beautiful, professional pieces (without the aid of any solder!), creating classic, heirloom jewellery that will stand the test of time!

Happy Whammering!